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Using YOLO as an example, all definitions represented by the acronym YOLO.

Acronym Definition Category
YOLO You Only Live Once Community
YOLO You Obviously Lack Originality Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Love Once Computing
YOLO You Obviously Love Oreos Miscellaneous
YOLO You Obviously Love OneDirection Internet
YOLO You Only Like Oil Internet
YOLO You Only Leaf Once Miscellaneous
YOLO Your Old Lady Owns Miscellaneous
YOLO You Obviously Like Oreos Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Love One Internet
YOLO You Only Lick Oreos Internet
YOLO You Only Love Oreos Internet
YOLO You Own Lags Only Internet
YOLO Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Live Online Computing
YOLO Yaks Only Like Oranges Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Love One direction Internet
YOLO You Only Lose Once Miscellaneous
YOLO You Obviously Live Online Internet
YOLO You Outta Lean Over Internet
YOLO You Only LOL Once Computing
YOLO You Only Love OneDirection Miscellaneous
YOLO You Obviously Love Oral Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Love Oscar Internet
YOLO You Obviously Love Owls Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Leak Once Miscellaneous
YOLO You otta look out Miscellaneous
YOLO You Obliviously Love Olaf Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Lack Originality Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Laugh Once Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Link Once Internet
YOLO You Only Look Once Internet
YOLO You Only Loaf Often Internet
YOLO You Often Loiter Listlessly Internet
YOLO You Often Love Ostentatiously Internet
YOLO Youthful Obscenities Linger On Internet
YOLO Yippies Often Linger On Internet
YOLO You Ought to Lean Over Miscellaneous
YOLO You Only Login Once Miscellaneous
YOLO Youth Opportunities for Leadership and Organizing Community
YOLO You Only Lie Once Internet
YOLO You're One Lucky Officer Miscellaneous
YOLO You Oughta Look Out Miscellaneous
YOLO You Owe Linda Oreos Miscellaneous
YOLO Your Optimism Logs Off Miscellaneous

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The following are the most commonly used acronyms/abbreviations in conversations as of 2022:

  1. ASAP - As Soon As Possible
  2. BAE - Before Anyone Else
  3. BOLO - Be On the LookOut
  4. FISH - First In, Still Here
  5. FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out
  6. LOL - Laughing Out Loud
  7. YOLO - You Only Live Once