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baby name 1


gender: girl

meaning: ever-powerful

ranking: 112

baby name 2


gender: girl

meaning: Form of LAWRENCE. Laurel-Crowned

ranking: 229

baby name 3


gender: girl

meaning: Attractive

ranking: 852

baby name 4


gender: girl

meaning: bitter

ranking: 560

baby name 5


gender: girl

meaning: Dark one

ranking: 690

baby name 6


gender: girl

meaning: A clear, brilliant glass

ranking: 571

baby name 7


gender: girl

ranking: 269

baby name 8


gender: girl

meaning: angel

ranking: 815

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About Baby Name Finder

Congratulations on receiving the best gift from God, which will accompany you throughout your life. The first thing you need to do is to give this gift a good name.

Choosing a good name for a newborn is undoubtedly very important, as this name will accompany him for a lifetime, which has profound significance for both parents and children. A name is not just a label; It shapes the identity of children and influences the world's perception of them, even affecting their personalities.

Naming a child is a unique journey because you have to consider many factors, including culture, customs, personal preferences, and so on. One of the primary considerations for choosing a baby's name is usually cultural significance. Many parents choose names that reflect their traditional traditions and pay tribute to their roots and family traditions. And this will create a sense of continuity and connection.

Secondly, the name you choose should have a certain meaning, and at this point, you need to delve into the etymology and historical background of the name to incorporate these meanings into it. For example, some names embody virtues such as strength, wisdom, or resilience, while others evoke feelings of joy, love, or tranquility. Choosing a positive and uplifting name can set a positive tone for a child's life.

Then you need to consider trends, although tradition and personal preferences are crucial, some parents have also noticed naming trends. Every few years, popular names will be completely different, so you need to consider trends and choose a unique, fashionable, and timeless name that can help your child bring lasting attention and confidence.

Finally, there is your personal preference. Some people may choose specific scenes of birth, such as winter, spring, or the place of birth, or specific sounds and objects, which can also be incorporated into the name and give it special meaning.

Based on this, we have created this baby name discoverer. We have collected the names of hundreds of thousands of babies and classified them according to their meanings and origins, so you can easily find the baby names you need.

The current page displays 8 baby names by default, which are derived from the most popular 1000 names. You can use the filter at the top of the webpage to find the name you need. First, choose gender, boy or girl, and then choose the origin of the name. We have classified dozens of origins with obvious ethnic characteristics, which can help you easily obtain baby names with racial characteristics.

If you want your name to contain specific letters or sounds, you can also input specific letters to filter the names you need; Finally, there is popularity, where you can choose the most popular names currently available or potentially excellent ones.

Among the listed names, you can see the origin and meaning of the name, which can help you quickly select a name.