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surname 1


race/usage: English

source: From the Anglo-Scandinavian given name Waltheof.

surname 2


race/usage: German

source: Variant of Knopf.

surname 3


race/usage: Norwegian, Danish

source: Variant of Wang 3.

surname 4


race/usage: Dutch

source: Means "son of Goswin".

surname 5

Ter Avest

race/usage: Dutch

source: Means "at the edge, eave" indicating a person who lived at the edge of a... >all

surname 6


race/usage: English

source: Variant of Elliott.

surname 7


race/usage: Italian

source: From a diminutive of Agnelli.

surname 8


race/usage: Spanish, Basque

source: From Basque aritz meaning "oak tree". This was a nickname of Iñigo, the ... >all

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Do you know the source of your surname? Do you know the story that happened with your surname? Or the implicit meaning inside?

Surnames are cultural symbols passed down from generation to generation in human society, and surnames are also known as "Last name" and "Family name", usually carrying the history and inheritance of the family. Surnames usually originate from ancestors' names, occupations, geographical locations, or other important elements such as past stories, providing people with a deeper understanding of their family origins. Almost all surnames of ethnic groups around the world have these characteristics.

Based on this, we have developed a web tool for this surname finder. We have collected surnames from over 100 ethnic groups around the world, with English, Italian, German, Dutch, Irish, Spanish, French, and Japanese having the most surnames. You can easily obtain surnames of all ethnic groups.

As you can see, this page defaults to displaying 8 surnames, each listing the audience (ethnicity), source, and meaning, which can help you find some interesting and meaningful surnames.

Using this surname finder is very simple. You only need to select the corresponding ethnic group to find random surnames. If you want more specific surnames, you can also enter some letters to narrow down the range. This tool can help you understand the surnames and underlying meanings of major ethnic groups around the world.

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