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About Image Color Finder

Many images captured from natural scenes have a harmonious and consistent color distribution; On the contrary, in many interface design applications, we also hope to choose colors that can achieve such effects, but it is not so easy for the general public, which belongs to the category of color psychology (of course, not the kind claimed by some pseudo gods). Extracting theme colors from color images can not only be used for color design, but also for image classification, search, recognition, and more.

So we made this tool: Image Color Finder. If you are interested in understanding the color composition of an image, or want to extract some colors from the image, or want to learn the color matching of the image, this image color discoverer can meet your needs very well.

As you can see, this image color discoverer provides three main functions:

1. Generate image color palette

At the top of this page, you will see a series of colors that are sourced from the current image. After uploading an image, the program will analyze and extract the colors of the image using the Median cut method. This method will extract the dominant Color, and then list the top 10 colors that are most used based on the color proportion. Obviously, this tool can help you generate color palettes very well. When you need to use an image as your material source, extracting color palettes from it is like a process of turning your inspiration into a work.

2. Extract colors

When you move your mouse over the image, you will accurately see the color of the pixel, and the color will be displayed on the right side of the image. The RGB value, HEX value, and CMYK value of the color will also be listed.

When you move the mouse, there is a circle in the bottom right corner of the cross cursor formed by the mouse. Inside the circle, the enlarged image of the color of the mouse hovering area is displayed. This small tool can help you easily extract the desired color.

When you want to obtain the color of the current mouse hover area, you just need to click to fix the RGB value, HEX value, and CMYK value of the current color on the right side of the image, and then you can copy or save the selected color.

3. Color History

Every time you click on a color in the image, it will automatically be saved as a history record. This feature can help you save multiple colors and form your own color palette.

Using this image color finder is very simple. After uploading your image, when the mouse moves over the image, it will automatically extract the color at the current position. When you click, the RGB value, HEX value, and CMYK value of the color at that position will be automatically saved on the right side of the image, so you can find any color on the image.

In which scenarios can image color finder be used?

E-commerce design: In the field of e-commerce, product images are very important because they basically determine whether customers are willing to come and see your product introduction and other information. Therefore, taking an attractive picture of your product is particularly important. At this time, you often need to choose a suitable background for your product, and the color matching of the background is an important part of it. You can refer to some excellent images for color matching, and then use the image color discoverer to obtain the main and auxiliary colors of the image, so as to apply these images to your own product. For example, on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay, many stores have their own main color tones and corresponding color combinations, which can help you improve recognition and attract more customers.

Illustration and comic creation: A large number of colors are needed in illustration and comic creation, as clothing and colors reflect the characteristics of the character. Each color conveys an emotion. When you find that an image can convey the emotions you need well, it is necessary to extract the colors from the image and then integrate them into your character's clothing or props, making the character's characteristics very distinct. Similarly, there are also the background of the story, costumes, props, and other color combinations that can be extracted from the images, allowing creators to create their works more efficiently.

Brand design and logo design: Color is the most important element in brand design and logo design. Extracting a natural and harmonious color scheme from a suitable image is undoubtedly a very important inspiration channel. For example, when designing a brand logo, designers can extract colors from the brand's product images or the company's website to match the shape and font of the logo, which can improve the consistency and recognition between the logo and the brand image.

Post processing in photography: Due to lighting or other factors, it is difficult to achieve perfect results in a single shot. In this case, you need to perform post processing on the photo, and color adjustment is the most important step. At this point, you may need another perfect photo for comparison, adjusting the captured photo by extracting colors from other photos as a reference. For example, when adjusting a landscape photo, you can extract the colors of the sky, trees, and ocean from an excellent landscape photo as a reference, making the entire picture more harmonious and natural.

Frequently asked questions about the Image Color Finder:

1. How to obtain the image color of the current mouse hover position?

When the mouse hovers over the image, the color at that position will immediately appear on the right side of the image. If you need to save the color, you can click to confirm its RGB value, HEX value, CMYK value, and also save the HEX value of the color in the history record.

2. Will you save the pictures I uploaded?

No, we won't save anything for the user, anything. When you refresh the webpage, the image you uploaded also disappears.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.