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Routing Number 1


Bank: Metropolitan Commercial Bank

Address: New York, NY

Phone Number: 212-359-6739

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: Yes

Routing Number 2


Bank: Security Bank of Kansas City

Address: Kansas City, KS

Phone Number: 913-621-8452

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: No

Routing Number 3


Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank

Address: 10430 Highland Manor Drive 3rd FloorTampa, FL 33610

Phone Number: 813-432-3700

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: No

Routing Number 4


Bank: Bank of Edmonson County

Address: 1021 Prospect Pointe DriveElizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone Number: 270-597-2175

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: No

Routing Number 5


Bank: West View Savings Bank

Address: 9001 Perry HighwayPittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone Number: 412-364-1911

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: Yes

Routing Number 6


Bank: Banner Bank

Address: 110 S Ferrall StreetSpokane, WA 99202

Phone Number: 509-344-5511

FedACH support: Yes

Fedwire support: No

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About Routing Number Finder

This is a powerful routing number finder that can help you easily find routing numbers for all banks in the United States.

Before that, let's give a brief introduction to Routing Numbers. Routing Number, also known as ABA routing transit number, is a nine-digit code printed at the bottom of a check, mainly used in the United States and North America. In the financial system of the United States, it refers to the ABA Number. It is a financial institution identification code proposed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) under the supervision and assistance of the Federal Reserve System (Fed), mainly used for transactions and transfers related to banks, Confirm routing for clearing, and other tasks.

routing number on check

The current popular electronic payment methods continue to rely on ABA RTN to identify payment banks or other financial institutions. The Federal Reserve Bank uses ABA RTN when processing Fedwire fund transfers. The ACH network also uses ABA RTN to handle direct deposits, bill payments, and other automatic transfers. In other words, the role of the Routing number is to ensure the correct transfer of funds between different banks. It is a basic tool for communication between banks, similar to a bank's ID card.

It should be noted that ABA RTN is only applicable to payment transactions within the United States. They are used for paper checks, wire transfers, and ACH transactions.

International transfers typically use BIC codes, also known as SWIFT codes (please refer to our SWIFT code finder), as they are managed by the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications Association (SWIFT) and defined by ISO 9362. In addition, many international financial institutions use the IBAN code, which was originally developed to facilitate payments within the European Union, but its format is flexible enough to be applied globally.

Understanding your bank's Routing number is crucial for handling daily financial transactions. Providing the correct Routing number is a crucial step in ensuring the safe and rapid receipt of funds during various transactions. You can find the routing number of the bank on the check, or obtain it by querying the bank, or you can directly use the routing number finder we provide.

We have collected all available routing numbers from over 3700 banks in the United States, including Bank of America, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank, which have the most branch structures. As you can see, each routing number listed contains detailed information, including the bank it belongs to, its address, bank phone number, whether FedACH is supported, whether Fedwire is supported, and so on.

Using this routing number finder is very simple. You just need to enter the keyword of the bank name, select the correct bank from the automatically filtered bank list, and then select the state where it is located (optional). You can finder all the routingnumbers of that bank.

We always keep the database up-to-date to ensure that the information you obtain is the most accurate. If you are making a significant transfer for the first time, it is recommended to contact the bank by phone to confirm the correct routing number.