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If you are looking for postcodes in New Zealand, this free New Zealand postcode finder can be very helpful. We have collected all the postcodes in New Zealand, totaling 45320, including all the postcodes currently used in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a country with an area of 270,534 square kilometers located in Oceania, and a population of 5,256,550. Its capital is Wellington and the international dialing code is +64. The post code is also known as "Postal code" in New Zealand, with a format of "0000".

Finding the postcode of New Zealand is very simple. The current page lists all provinces (or equivalent administrative divisions) in New Zealand, which is the first level of administrative division. Clicking on the name can view all cities under that administrative division, and clicking on the city can view the list of postcodes for that city.

You can also directly obtain a list of postcodes for a city by searching for its name; If you want to know the specific location of a post code, you can also enter the postcode for location.

In the listed postcode details, you will see the city, province (or equivalent administrative division) where the postcode is located, as well as possible specific locations and the language used in that region.